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Pawgress Report

May 30, 2010

I have a brand-new writing partner. He encourages me to get up early and work, gives me kisses when I take breaks, and agrees that a couple bites of a snack can make for excellent motivation.

Okay, so he’s a 4-month-old sheepdog mix — but that shouldn’t stop him from getting a co-writing credit, right?

His name is Pushkin (clearly a writer’s puppy to the core), and we are so in love. As a matter of fact, he’s currently behaving better than my characters are! My word count is still growing quite nicely — I just seem to have lost all control over a couple key personalities. I’m trying not to think about the decisions I’ll have to make when I go back and edit, because right now I’m actually rather enjoying the surprises. The character I intentionally set out to craft as the dashing, intellectual romantic hero is becoming rapidly less and less appealing, while the dark horse of Garrity’s love life is proving ever more worthwhile. These unexpected shifts may or may not hold up in the long run, but they’re certainly keeping the process interesting!

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