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Let’s Hear It For The Girls

May 20, 2010

Cassandra Jade is hosting a discussion about favorite female protagonists. I find myself unable to choose between two: Philip Pullman’s Sally Lockhart and Alanna from Tamora Pierce’s Song of the Lioness quartet.

Why Sally? She’s brave, intelligent, and a fiercely devoted mother. She refuses to adhere to societal expectations, forging a career as a financial consultant in a time period when women aren’t even allowed to vote yet. She’ll do anything to protect her daughter, yet also goes to great lengths to help others in need. It doesn’t hurt that she ultimately marries Daniel Goldberg, one of my all time favorite fictional romantic heroes.

Why Alanna? Many of the same reasons, actually. She risks everything to pursue her dream of being the first female knight her realm has seen in over 100 years. She ends a romance with a rather lovely prince because being Queen would force her to stop being herself. (Pierce writes about this here — “Why did you make Alanna pick George and not Jonathan?”) She was also the first character to spark my fascination with fictional heroines having purple eyes.

These are the types of female protagonists I hope to be able to write — feisty, independent, passionate, and determined. Want to post an entry about your favorites? Hop on over to Cassandra Jade and share your link!

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  1. May 20, 2010 2:55 pm

    I really liked Alanna, she was one of my favourite Tamora Pierce characters because of her drive and determination. Sally I haven’t come across yet but I may need to check her out.
    Thanks for sharing this and thanks for adding your link.

    • May 20, 2010 3:20 pm

      Yes, Alanna’s pretty fantastic! And I would definitely recommend the Sally Lockhart books. They’re intelligent, juicy adventures with terrific characters.

      Thanks for asking such a fun question!

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