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Motivation Of A Different Sort

February 24, 2010

I mentioned recently how excited I was to win a contest hosted by the ever-inspiring Aprilynne. Well, today I opened my mailbox to find a package from her! Not only did she send me an ARC of her upcoming book Spells (which I’m going to dive into bed with as soon as I’m done typing this), and not only did she pad the envelope with a bag of chocolatey delights (which, um, might also come to bed with me)–she inscribed Spells with a lovely mantra of encouragement: Strive.

Such a simple word, and yet so powerful–and all the more meaningful when enclosed within someone else’s successful work. There are endless things that can discourage and distract a writer, and I’d never claim to be immune to them. But I love my story, just as Aprilynne loves hers. She strove to share hers with the world, and I can strive to share mine.

Of course, it’s hardly as if I’ve never held a book before. But there’s something different, something particularly special, about holding Spells. Although I’m a relatively new blogger, it hasn’t taken me long at all to realize the appeal of this type of community. Because writing is so often a solitary endeavor, it’s been tremendously reassuring to find kindred spirits out there, and Aprilynne’s blog was one of the first I added to my Google Reader. To now be the grateful owner of one of her ARCs is unexpectedly moving.

So thank you, Aprilynne! Strive I shall.

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