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I Do It All Because I’m Evil

February 18, 2010

[Voltaire–“When You’re Evil”]

If anyone’s looking for a juicy paranormal romance romp, I highly recommend Jackie Kessler’s Hotter Than Hell. (Warning: it’s just as steamy as its title suggests.) What makes it a particularly enjoyable read is how unabashedly bad the male MC is. I mean, he’s a demon of Lust–it’s pretty apparent from the outset that he’s not exactly going to be portrayed as a paragon of virtue. But instead of coming off as an unsympathetic, sinful jerk, he’s just plain fun–suave, witty, and deliciously uncouth. He and the evil (under)world he inhabits are making me feel inclined to spice up my WIP with some more nasty creatures and dastardly deeds. While I already have a clearly defined antagonist, I think it could be fun to explore more nebulous alliances with good and bad, and perhaps weave in some sub-conflicts with lesser baddies. Of course, most of this is unfolding solely in my head thus far–who knows what such additions might look like on paper. But it’s a tremendously entertaining mental path to wander down, particularly with Kessler’s dashing MC keeping me company.

What’s so appealing about the bad boys, anyway? Do you have any favorite fictional characters who walk the line between hero and villain?

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  1. jschancellor permalink
    February 18, 2010 9:05 pm

    I love evil…that sounded bad didn’t it? Well, sometimes the truth hurts I suppose. I always wind up falling for the villain and my ‘hero’ is usually always a blend of badass and asshole.

    I assume the wisdom tooth thing went well? How are you feeling?

    • February 19, 2010 11:07 am

      I don’t think it sounds bad at all. :) Evil–particularly when it’s safely contained within the fictional realm–can be so much fun!

      The wisdom teeth adventure wasn’t fun, but it’s over now and I’m feeling just fine! Thanks for your thoughts. :)

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