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Further Salvation In Office Supplies

February 16, 2010

I’ve honestly no idea what I’d do without my white boards, my planner, and even this blog. Having tangible spaces in which to store my intangible thoughts proves endlessly calming. Even on days when I (lamentably) haven’t gotten much writing done, or when I don’t think I have anything meaningful to post here, simply going through the motions of putting my fingers on the computer keys helps stir up ideas and then organize them. And always having something I can write on within reach means random bursts of inspiration never fall through the mental cracks.

I had one of those unexpected flashes recently, and it’s slowly growing into something far more significant than a passing scrawl on a white board. I’m not yet completely sure how it’s going to play out, but I do know it’s going to have an important effect on the relationship between two of my MCs. Of course, the problem is my impatience! If I keep writing chronologically, it’ll be a while yet before I can fully sink my teeth into this newly deepened character interaction, and that delay makes me a bit restless. I think holding it in the back of my head will help inform earlier character development, though, so it’s not like I have to utterly ignore the idea. It’ll be like an ember, helping to keep my writing sparking along until it blooms into flame.

What helps you keep track of your inspirations?

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