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Let It Snow

February 9, 2010

Ah, my characters are waking up again! I can feel them stirring sleepily about in my brain–some grumbling and pulling the covers over their heads, some leaping up and greeting the world. I can’t quite hear what they’re saying yet, but I know soon they’ll have new whisperings and revelations for me. It’s perfect writing weather, too–the snow is piling up in powdery drifts, and the wind is quite literally howling outside my window.

The weather is so convincingly picturesque, as a matter of fact, that I find myself wanting to impose winter upon my first chapter even though it opens in the middle of a summer rainstorm. Quite by necessity, too; winter would simply not work for a variety of mysterious plot-y reasons. But oh, the coziness of a gloomy, blustery day, filled with snowflakes murmuring, Stay in bed. Drink tea. Write and read and dream…

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