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Shiver With Antici…pation

January 24, 2010

[Rocky Horror Picture Show–“Sweet Transvestite”]
(Gosh, some of the comments on that lyrics site are hilarious: “I love this song…I think it’s about an alien from Transexual, Transylvania.” The point, you are missing it.)

I can feel it–I’m on the verge of being able to approach my Crock Pot/exotic bird and see what it tells me about my new first chapters. I might start writing again tonight, but I also might knit and watch Criminal Minds and give my thoughts another night to get ready. I think one last night off could get me just the right amount of tingly-anxious, so that when I start I really hit the ground running.

My dismay at the thought of rebooting has been replaced by a sort of jangly excitement. I’m still a huge fan of diving into a writing project without much planning beforehand, but I can definitely sense the security of being better prepared this time around. And yet–there’s still so much to explore and discover and create! Ooh, what a delicious adventure writing can be.

(And what a delicious distraction Matthew Grey Gubler can be…)

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