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Let’s Get It Percolatin’

January 22, 2010

[Mary J. Blige–“Family Affair”]

I seem to have discovered a new talent: coming up with increasingly offbeat analogies for how my head works. Today’s? My brainstorming mind is a Crock Pot. (I’m sure many jokes could be made here about what my bizarre thoughts are a crock of…)

Seriously, though, in its own strange way the comparison makes sense. Because I’m taking a short break from direct writing, I feel like the book is simmering away without me, quietly yet industriously coming up with potential new ideas and solutions to problems–as well as revelations such as “like Chernobyl, but good.” (I’m not kidding, that’s an actual note I wrote down in a half-asleep daze last night.) Because I made a conscious decision to let the restart wait a bit, I don’t feel as overwhelmed by bossy characters and gregarious new plot threads as I did when I was scrambling to make it all work right now. If someone or something tries to shout, “Hey, listen to me! I’m the best idea EVER,” my Crock Pot of a brain calmly nods and ushers them into the kitchen with everyone else.

In short, hopefully soon I’ll have a delicious, book-y stew to enjoy dipping into. Stay tuned for more installments of Weird And Unexpected Ways To Describe One’s Brain Functions.

Oh, and go visit Cassandra Jade and join in on her call for guest writers. She wants to know what you think the most important element of a novel is and why–I’m planning on emailing her myself, and I’ll be really interested to read the responses she gets!


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