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Scenes From An Italian Restaurant

January 16, 2010

Things that apparently make me crazy-productive, as evidenced by tonight’s writing session in one of my favorite cafes:

–a comfy booth seat
–good, cheap coffee
–dim lighting
–mopey, introspective music (Coldplay, the Once soundtrack, acoustic Jack’s Mannequin)
–the friendliest waiters in the world
–the sound of wine being poured

    1,014 words in under an hour. Not too shabby! What helps you keep that word count climbing?

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    1. jschancellor permalink
      January 16, 2010 1:31 am

      In no particular order; a heating pad behind my back, hot coffee, more hot coffee, candles in various scents (mistletoe, pumpkin spice or autumn harvest are burnt year round in my house), arthritis cream for my hands (this helps when you hit the 4,000-7,000 word sessions–trust me, you’ll get there), lack of communication with the outside world (we have a lake cabin on a private 16 acre lake on 500 acres of land, no internet, no neighbors and no phone…AMAZING for concentration), munchies (sweet, sour, hot, doesn’t really matter–I’m an equal opportunity consumer), comfy clothes and itunes.

      As far as what is playing on my itunes, I’ve fallen in love with music made for movie previews. Immediate Music is one example, another is Two Steps from Hell, though they haven’t officially come out with a public album yet. Seriously, if you haven’t googled them–do so immediately. You’ve heard their music before, you just didn’t know who you were hearing. Ever watched a preview and purchased the soundtrack only to find out that it didn’t include the song you remembered? That’s why.

      • January 16, 2010 1:52 pm

        I love movie trailer music! That’s so good to know, thank you!

        No internet is HUGE in terms of productivity. It’s astonishing how much time I can waste online, though I like to pretend it’s not procrastinating because I’m usually reading other sites about writing! Your cabin getaway sounds lovely. :)

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