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And When I See You, I Really See You Upside Down

January 15, 2010

…But my brain knows better
It picks you up and turns you around
Turns you around…

–Death Cab For Cutie, “A Lack Of Color”

I’ve been thinking of this song recently because of the way ideas and plot points have suddenly started appearing to me. For the past couple of days, I haven’t really had thoughts in the sense of “oh, I’d better write that down”; instead, I’ve simply seen story developments and character interactions. I haven’t, as I usually do, scribbled any incoherent half-sentences or made notes to myself for later. I’ve just…observed my own brain, I suppose. Thank goodness for that handy “I’m a writer” excuse, otherwise I’d just be hallucinating.

Right now my most vivid, persistent image is of Garrity and Astoria in their nightclothes on the deck of the ship, the night wind ruffling their hair. It’s a simple, fairly static visual, but I know that once I start giving it words it will blossom into an entire scene that I’d never planned on until its teaser trailer appeared in my head. I already know why Garrity and Astoria are there and what they’re talking about, but I feel no compulsion to write it down yet. I have faith in the strength of that mental picture, and I know that I’ll remember its significance until it’s time to fully address it.

So that’s how I’m operating right now, like a kid with a Viewfinder, clicking through images, cataloging daydreams.

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