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The End Of The Beginning

January 13, 2010

I’m finally done with my first chapter! And just in time, too–I was on the verge of getting sick of it (which is never a good sign), and then I realized it was conveniently about to end. I’m now partway into Chapter Two, and things are feeling really good. Now that I’ve finally nailed down how the book opens, I think I’ll be freer to play around with what happens next. I have certain plot markers in my head, but I also have a lot of wide open space, which is exciting. It’s always a thrill when I get so in the moment of the story that the words appearing on the screen surprise me. Since my characters are proving to be a feisty bunch, I’ve no doubt that they’ll frequently take the reins and let me know what they’re up to, rather than waiting around for instructions from me.

I’m about to fall asleep with my fingers on my keyboard, so any potential profundities will have to wait until tomorrow, but I did want to memorialize the fact that I have yet to miss a single day of writing. Some days I’ve pounded out three pages in half an hour, other days I’ve struggled just to get a paragraph down, but I’ve always written something. It’s great to know that I’ve solidified the habit; I honestly don’t think I could miss a day at this point without it feeling wrong. 5,755 words and climbing!

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  1. jschancellor permalink
    January 13, 2010 11:14 pm

    Yeah! That’s great. You should cut out that last paragraph and post it somewhere you’ll see it everyday…so that if you ever feel discouraged or like putting things off till tomorrow…you’ll have memorialized this feeling. Its a good one, so hold on to it.

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