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And I Would Write 500 Words, And I Would Write 500 More

January 10, 2010

I hit a milestone today–I’m now at over 5,000 words, or about 15 pages! Obviously there are still many, many more words and pages go, but this is starting to feel respectable. It was a bit strange to say “I’m working on a novel” when I’d only written three paragraphs of the thing; now I feel like what I’ve produced thus far is a legitimate, concrete part of a book-in-progress.

And man, the night visions just keep coming. I find myself lingering at the computer at the end of the night, hoping that all my thoughts will make themselves known before I go to sleep, but said thoughts are having none of that. It’s gotten to the point where book ideas are starting to infiltrate my dreams in such vague, insidious ways that I often don’t recall them until hours after waking up. And my notes, for those of you playing at home, have not gotten any clearer. A sampling from last night: “parents/fire, wouldn’t take C that long, maybe 7 & slave for 5?”

Ah, the writing brain at work. A bizarre and beautiful thing.

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  1. January 10, 2010 8:24 pm

    At least you aren’t talking in your sleep.
    Congratulations on hitting 5000 and good luck with the rest of your writing.

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