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Writing Under The Influence (Of Germs)

January 8, 2010

It would be silly of me to pretend that I don’t hate being sick, but I do tend to be an optimistic type, and so I must admit there has been one sort of strange upside to this bug. While my actual daily word counts have certainly been lower than usual (something I hope to rectify very soon!), it’s almost as if being fatigued and a bit vague in the head has helped me process ideas on some subconscious level. Since getting sick, I’ve woken myself up with book-related “eureka!” moments at least three times. Granted, when I reexamined these magical solutions by the light of day, it was clear they need some serious fixing up–but still. They’re potential solutions to problems that I couldn’t seem fix when I was actively applying clear thinking to them. Maybe all I needed was a headache and some grogginess to kick out the Overanalytical Monster and invite in Middle-of-the-Night Inspiration.

Just so we’re clear, though, Germ Monster? This is not an open invitation to get comfy. Yes, you may have helped me in some odd and unexpected way, but I’m sick (ha) of you. Pack your bags.

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