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Start At The (Right) Beginning

December 30, 2009

Before I even wrote a word today, it became clear to me that first person wasn’t going to work. I played with the idea in my head anytime I had a free moment to zone out today, and after some mental experimenting I just knew that it was the wrong perspective for this project. That quandary securely dealt with, I moved on to the issue of where to re-start my novel–a problem that also, as it turns out, resolved itself in my head before I even got to my computer. I think this new opening is going to serve as a much better launching pad for the rest of the book. It’s a bit of an amusing change, as the first sentence of my original beginning had Garrity in bone-tingling pain, whereas my new opener lets her start off things laughing. At first I was disappointed to lose the paragraph describing her bodily harm–for someone as squeamish as I am, I sure enjoyed writing about someone else being in physical pain–but, this being an adventure story, I don’t doubt I’ll find a place for a similar passage elsewhere.

Now the problem is going to be actually finishing this new beginning, without jumping ahead. You see, I discovered something quite exciting about one of my other main characters today, and I’m itching to explore it. Trouble is, it doesn’t become relevant until after (at the very least) another whole chapter or two, and I’m trying desperately to stay firmly on course rather than leaping about every time I get fired up about something new. This way, I hope, I’ll be constantly motivated to simply keep the book going, rather than writing hodgepodge spurts depending on what plot point happens to strike my fancy that day.

So, Wren Bishop, don’t worry. I much appreciate you informing me that you’re actually a sorceress, and promise I won’t forget about it. You just have to wait your turn!

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