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A Very Merry Brainstorming Session

December 25, 2009

Perhaps I spoke too soon when I said the writing would begin today. I was ready to throw myself headlong into this project, eschewing organization and letting my characters lead the way. (They are, as atheistic rebel pirates are wont to be, a lively lot, so I at least was never going to be bored.) But as I was drifting off last night, to the dulcet tones of Stephen Fry reading me Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire, I decided that it might be wise to take a slightly more structured approach. After all, one of the great joys of books like those in the Harry Potter series is their hidden gems: the sly hints and clues slipped in along the way that sparkle and wink at you once you’ve finished reading and realized their meaning. I think I’d do myself a disservice by not doing at least some work ahead of time, especially since my characters have already informed me that they’d like a sequel, thank you very much. (They’ve even titled it! Demanding bunch, them.)

So I’ll rephrase: the planning began today. I compiled a character list, and updated my notes, and generally started to get the lay of the land. A lot of this sort of work entails staring out past my laptop at some nonexistent horizon, or forgetting a word mid-conversation because the words in my head suddenly become more important, or nearly falling asleep in the bathtub as my eyes lose focus and my brain works on ahead of me. In short, it doesn’t tend to look like I’m being very productive when I’m planning, and I certainly have yet to do my word count any favors. But it feels good to get things percolating, like stretching before a run. I just can’t let myself put off the run itself for too long–but that’s what this blog is for!


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